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Arm Lift

Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to eliminate excess skin and flab on the upper arms commonly referred to as “bat wings.” In recent years, the popularity of arm lift surgery has increased as more people have been successful in losing large amounts of weight.

After significant weight loss, many men and women end up with loose, stretched skin that does not naturally tighten and conform to their new, slimmer body shape. The upper arms are especially prone to this condition.Loose skin flaps can also develop on the upper arms as people naturally age. This is especially true for sun worshippers whose skin has lost elasticity after years of sun damage.

Who is a Good Candidate For an Arm Lift Surgery?

Regardless of what causes the loose skin on your upper arms, it may make you self-conscious and reluctant to wear tank tops and sleeveless clothing. If you have flabby upper arms despite your healthy diet and exercise regimen and are tired of hiding under long sleeve shirts and sweaters, arm lift surgery may be right for you.

The best candidates for arm lift in Florida include men and women who:

1. Have deflated upper arms due to dramatic weight loss or aging

2. Are at a stable weight

3. Lack skin elasticity

4. Do not have large fat deposits in their upper arms

5. Are non-smokers in good health

6. Have realistic expectations

A complete review of your medical history and current health status will be necessary prior to undergoing brachioplasty or any other body contouring procedure. This will help minimize the risks of cosmetic surgery and ensure that you achieve the best possible results.

How is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

Before your arm lift, you will have an in-depth consultation with Dr. Casey at his Bonita Springs area, cosmetic surgery offices to discuss your cosmetic goals. He will provide you with instructions that will help you prepare for and recover from your brachioplasty and show your arm lift scars will be located.

If you have stubborn fat deposits in your upper arms, Dr. Casey may also recommend combining liposuction with your arm lift procedure to further improve upper arm contours.

During an arm lift, excess skin and tissue is surgically removed, and internal sutures are used to tighten and reshape the tissue. Patients are placed under general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia for the duration of the surgery, which typically lasts about two hours.

A traditional arm lift requires a horizontal incision on the back or underside of each upper arm, traveling from the armpit area toward the elbow. A short scar arm lift involves a vertical scar at the top of each upper arm, along the armpit area.

Although arm lift scars are less significant with the short scar approach, this procedure often does not provide enough correction to reach most patients’ cosmetic goals, so it is only occasionally recommended.

After Arm Lift Surgery in Florida

After arm lift surgery, you will be able to return home immediately and resume your desk job within 5-7 days. Because arm movement must be somewhat limited for a few weeks after surgery, you will need more time off work after an arm lift is your job requires lifting or demanding physical activity.

The initial arm lift recovery period lasts about two weeks, although patients may need to wear a compression garment for longer to minimize swelling. After about 6-8 weeks, final arm lift results take shape, and arm lift scars gradually flatten and fade over the next several months. Ultimately, you will end up with slimmer, more defined upper arms and a new-found confidence to show them off.

A preliminary consultation with Dr. Casey can help you determine whether arm lift surgery is right for you. Contact Casey Oral and Facial Surgical Arts to learn more about brachioplasty. Our cosmetic surgery practice is conveniently located for residents of Bonita Springs, FL and the Macro Island. Call 239-947-6637 for more information.

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