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Chemical Peels

Over time, our skin begins to diminish, ultimately losing its youthful glow as collagen production lessens. This is the protein that helps support the dermis and prevent sagging or wrinkling. Environmental elements like UV rays, pollutants and dietary habits also play a major role in skin health.

For most people, the top layer of their skin is full of dead and damaged skin cells that tend to leave our face looking tired, dull and full of lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels are great way to remove that lower-quality top layer and expose the younger, healthier skin underneath. Opting for chemical peels over surgery or laser techniques has benefits because they are less invasive than surgery and only requires one session, whereas laser treatments usually necessitate multiple sessions for optimal results.

Dr.Casey, and the staff incorporate only the best quality products for your facial rejuvenation needs like the VI Peel and Theraplax salicylic acid peels. With the VI Peel, patients receive a pharmaceutical-grade product that reverses and prevents skin aging and acne spots. Unlike other chemical peels, the VI Peel does not require skin preconditioning.

To apply the chemical peel, a certified practitioner swabs the solution to the skin and lets it set. Within three days, the upper layer of the skin will start to shed. This process is much gentler to the skin and virtually painless, unlike facial peels of the past that literally burn the skin off. This makes the VI Peel much more patient friendly and good for all skin types.

Despite the gentle approach, the VI Peel is a very powerful acid containing salicylic acid, Retin A and vitamin A, which helps to soothe the skin while the solution achieves that deep penetration.

Within seven days, the results from the peel should be substantial, yielding improvements in skin tone, texture, age spots, acne and reducing wrinkles. In addition, patients should also notice a vibrant, healthy glow to their skin.

Theraplex salicylic acid facial peels offer a versatile, in-office surface peel that is also safe and effective on all skin types. Theraplex is a mild peel that doesn’t penetrate as deep. This peel is a great way to remove old, dead skin cells from the outer layers and promote the growth of new cells while rejuvenating your appearance. It also works well to treat acne.

This procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete and has virtually no down time and provide a convenient and inexpensive way to preserve that youthful shine and. This product is mild enough to be replied about every six weeks.

For patients interested in a chemical peel, please note that there should be some redness in the days following the treatment. During this time, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. When going out, use a broad spectrum sunscreen and try to cleanse your face regularly.

To learn more about the available chemical peel options offered, contact our office.

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